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why do you always give me that hopes????

you just hurt me, just that words I can say this time.  Although ,  I know that you’ve  never liked me, and might be you hate me… I always hope that the time could  rotate…. I really want you know that I really like you….

when you smiled to me, I was really happy.. and didn’t want that time was over..

when you sent me messages  l was really happy and always waited when that moment would happen twice, and it happened but it happened just at short time, when I really waited the message come to me, it never came… I really wanna cry but I knew my tears wouldn’t change anything, every time I always thought you,, you are my spirit….


I tried to stop thinking about you, my spirit…. but, I can’t…

you gave me the hopes just to hurt me!!!!!!

if you hated me, just show it and don’t give me some hopes…

Please I don’t want hurt in longer time….




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